Dr Alex S.J. Wyatt

Research Fellow

Alex is a marine biologist and oceanographic engineer by training, with multi-disciplinary research interests at the interface between marine ecology and oceanography. He received Honours degrees in both Science and Engineering (Marine Biology and Ocean Systems Engineering) and a Ph.D. (Oceanography and Marine Ecology) from The University of Western Australia. As a Fulbright Scholar, and then Postdoctoral Scholar, at Scripps Insitution of Oceanography, San Diego, and in his current position as a Research Fellow in the Atmosphere and Ocean Research Institute at The University of Tokyo, Dr Wyatt’s novel integration of oceanography, isotope ecology and engineering has begun to shed new light on the biogeochemical function, diet shifts, and foraging specialization of globally threatened marine ecosystems and species.  He has a particularly strong background and focus on coral reefs, with recent work leading to the development of proactive management approaches for enhanced stewardship of these vital ecosystems.  | Click for More →


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