2018 Sumitomo Foundation grant awarded

The Sumitomo Foundation has awarded a 2018 Environmental Research Grant (環境研究助成) to support work by Dr Wyatt and colleagues aimed at experimentally demonstrating the role of internal waves in providing beaching relief to threatened reef corals.

Title: Can internal wave-induced cooling save corals? Experimental verification of bleaching relief | 内部波誘発性の冷却作用はサンゴを救うかー白化緩和効果の実験的検証

Participants: Toshi Nagata, Satoshi Mitarai (OIST), Alex S.J. Wyatt and James J. Leichter (Scripps)

More info: http://www.sumitomo.or.jp/html/kankyo/kankyou.htm

Thank you to the Sumitomo Foundation for their support.