New paper on variations in coral reef fish trophic strategies (Cybulski et. al., Ecol. Evol.)

Improving stable isotope assessments of inter- and intra-species variation in coral reef fish trophic strategies Jonathon D. Cybulski1,2, Christina Skinner3, Zhongyue Wan2, Carmen K. M. Wong4, Robert J. Toonen5, Michelle R. Gaither6, Keryea Soong7, Alex S.J. Wyatt3, David M. Baker1,2 1The Swire Institute of Marine | Click for More →

New paper on stable isotope biases in shark tissues (Bennett-Williams et. al., Front. Mar. Sci.)

A Multi-Tissue, Multi-Species Assessment of Lipid and Urea Stable Isotope Biases in Mesopredator Elasmobranchs Joshua Bennett-Williams1, Christina Skinner1, Alex S. Wyatt1,2, Rona A. R. McGill3 and Trevor J. Willis4 1Department of Ocean Science, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Clear Water Bay, Kowloon, Hong | Click for More →