New paper on variations in coral reef fish trophic strategies (Cybulski et. al., Ecol. Evol.)

Improving stable isotope assessments of inter- and intra-species variation in coral reef fish trophic strategies Jonathon D. Cybulski1,2, Christina Skinner3, Zhongyue Wan2, Carmen K. M. Wong4, Robert J. Toonen5, Michelle R. Gaither6, Keryea Soong7, Alex S.J. Wyatt3, David M. Baker1,2 1The Swire Institute of Marine | Click for More →

Sumitomo Foundation grant to Dr Wyatt et al.

The Sumitomo Foundation has awarded an Environmenal Research Grant (環境研究助成) to Dr Wyatt and colleagues for their pioneering work on the environmental drivers of the structure and function of ‘twilight reefs’ (deep-water mesophotic coral ecosystems). Title: A refuge for coral reef biodiversity: trophic function and | Click for More →

Dongsha Atoll Research Award (2016-2017) to Dr Wyatt and Prof Wang

Dr Wyatt has been awarded the Dongsha Atoll Research Award (2016-2017) by the Dongsha Atoll Research Station (DARS), managed by Taiwan’s National Sun Yat-sen University (NSYU).  The award will facilitate the implementation of a collaborative project with Professor Yu-Huai Wang (NSYU) examining the impact of | Click for More →